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Quick and Easy Cuteness for your hair

Here’s one of those projects I absolutely would have done as a kid. (Yes, I grew up in the 80s and I rocked the braided ribbon barrettes to match my outfits. I also remember one instance of slim rainbow stripe ribbon that I wore as a necktie with a blue polo shirt, collar up, and a red crewneck sweater. And yes, the “tie” was worn outside the sweater.)

According to Small Magazine, the project is super easy, and looks very fun to me.

You will need:

Fabric pieces between 6-12 cm square (cotton is ideal)

A tiny bit of felt

Hair slides


 Craft glue

What to do: Cut your fabric into a circle with an indent of around 1cm (see picture).
 Then cut a spiral into your circle so that you have a long 1cm wide twirl of fabric. Holding the middle, twist the fabric around itself to create a sort of flower (it will naturally want to do this), and when you get to the end, secure it with a dab of glue.   Take the felt and cut a small circle about the same size as the bottom of your little flower. Place it at the end of your hair slide, between the two ‘prongs’. Put a dab of glue on the felt, and lots on the bottom of the flower so that all the raw edges of the fabric are covered, and gently press the two together.  

Let it dry thoroughly and that’s it! You could then decorate by gluing little buttons or sequins or beads or flowers into the middle, or you could dip the petal edges in glue and then glitter. The same process can be used to make flower badges, and if you want to give them as gifts you can present them on a piece of colored card (see pictures).

 And VOILA! Cuteness is made!