I shot an arrow into the air

More Valentine’s craftiness for you, part of the Art From Everyday Objects challenge, courtesy of Evie S. and her matchstick art. (via)

Aren’t they so cute and tiny!? If you have older kids this could be a fun project to do with them. Then you can stick them in a frame or shadow box. OR, you can assemble a tiny bow and shoot candles aflame. Haha! Here’s how to do ‘em.

Step 1: Paint the stick with acrylic paint in the color you choose. Set aside to dry.
Step 2: Fold and cut out the paper shape used for the end of the arrow

Step 3: Cut the folded paper in tiny slices, creating fringe, unfold.
Step 4: Paint the tip of the arrow white or whatever other color you choose.

Step 5: Paint two thin black lines around the “point” of the arrow.
Step 6: Hot glue a tiny dab of glue to the paper, stick on the matchstick.

Repeat until you have a whole army of tiny arrows! Stay tuned, I’ve got several other great projects with matchsticks lined up.

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