Small Beer Press gets some NY Times Love

I knew there’s a reason I always read the NY Times Book Review on Sunday. This past week, I was delighted to see three shout-outs to the folks we love at Small Beer Press.

First, two mentions in the Sunday Science Fiction Chronicle.

The NYT calls Karen Lord’s Redemption In Indigo a clever, exhuberant mix of Caribbean and Senegalese influences, that balances riotously funny set pieces (many involving talking insects) with serious drama initiated by meddlesome supernatural beings.” (via)

The NYT also gave some love to Small Beer Press publication A Life On Paper, short stories by Georges-Olivier Chateaureynaud.

Why do I love Small Beer Press? Because they take the risk of publishing a writer the Times says “has created short takes that are not exactly contes cruels but which linger on the edge of darkness and absurdity…these stories require the reader to collaborate with the work, to fill in the gaps.“(via)

As Gavin says on their site, “Yes folks, we are in it for the money: not only a debut short story collection, but a translation.” (via)

(Okay, I confess that I didn’t know what Contes Cruels meant either–Cruel Tales. Think Poe.)

Finally, Small Beer Press was also mentioned for Meeks, by Julia Holmes. This ain’t no Bachelor tv show, people.

How to describe it? “No woman will have Ben without a proper bachelor’s suit . . . and the tailor refuses to make him one. Back from war with a nameless enemy, he’s just discovered that his mother is dead and that his family home has been reassigned by the state. As if that isn’t enough, he must now find a wife, or he’ll be made a civil servant and given a permanent spot in one of the city’s oppressive factories.” (via)

Know what it sounds like to me? Like it’s time for me to place a store book order!

More seriously-why did I do a post about this? Because I so respect the work done by Gavin and Kelly at Small Beer Press, and I love that they are getting the attention they so richly deserve. Let’s keep supporting our small independent publishers, okay?

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