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Valentine’s Day is coming to Essentials! (And we’re getting crafty.)

We view holidays as an excuse for craft projects and Valentine’s Day is prime for getting our craft on.

Not so crafty? That’s okay. We’ve got plenty of cards, gifts, wrapping paper, ribbon and more so you can be sure to spoil your sweetie appropriately.

And yes, everything’s better in Hipstamatic!

It’s a banner day at Essentials!

Occasionally, I like to showcase some of the fantastic signage made by our amazing staff. We are so dang lucky to have such creative folks to share our days with.

Come visit Essentials soon, and spy the crafty bits and pieces hidden in nooks and crannies all over the store.

The real reason I need to upgrade my iphone: So I can get my craft on.

It was only a matter of time before high tech and low tech came together for a bit of crafting.


That’s right. An iPhone cover you can Cross-Stitch! (via)



Who care if it actually protects your phone? If it looks cute in your cross-stitch cover, does it really matter if it works anymore?




Matryoshka Doll Magic you really CAN do yourself.

Matryoshka dolls

For those of you who saw our blank Matryoshka dolls in the store and couldn’t figure out how to do them yourself, some inspiration. (via)

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Decorate your place, vintage Frenchie-style.

1974 French Crafts & Knitting Magazine - Phildar Décoration et Loisirs

Calling all crafters. It’s time to get your craft on, Frenchie-style, with this amazing Vintage French Crafting Magazine.

1974 French Crafts & Knitting Magazine - Phildar Décoration et Loisirs

If only the pattern book came with this awesome vintage VW.

1974 French Crafts & Knitting Magazine - Phildar Décoration et Loisirs

Want this pattern filled beauty for yourself? It’s an Etsy score so I’d move quickly because it’s guaranteed to go fast. Who wouldn’t want one of these doll outfits? Of course, you need to overlook the dolls with the creepy eyes.

1974 French Crafts & Knitting Magazine - Phildar Décoration et Loisirs

Should you purchase this goodie, promise to share with us?

Hey Strawberry? Do you know what time it is?

I am blown away by the creativity of this beautiful clock. (via)

(Thanks for the tip Knit Hacker.)

The DIY Doily Dish for someone WAAAYYY more talented than I.

According to this DIY Doily Dish Tutorial at Sodapop Design, anyone should be able to do this. HA!

In my dreams. Any of you crafty enough to try this?And if you do, let’s just say I WANT, WANT, WANT!

Essentials is in da house. All OVER my house.

Since so many others have been posting their Essentials-related photos on our Facebook page, I figured it was my turn to show you how I use just some Essentials’ goodies in my house.

I keep most of my craft supplies in a collection of labeled valises that reside on a bookshelf in our home office. And I label each one with a gift tag so I know what’s inside.

Also in the office, I keep our son’s old schoolwork, which I put in binders from the store at the end of every year, kidding myself into thinking that he’ll be interested when he’s older.

And because they’re always overstuffed, I tie them with ribbon from the store.

I have a weakness for the Hanging Wall Art we sell at the store, and I think each room in my house has at least one piece.

On the wall of our dining room, we have a collection of Ibride trays that look simply lovely when they are all together.

Ibride Trays.

In another room, I have this Letterpress Print by Dutch Door Press, representing our home state of Massachusetts.

And in our entryway, these prints from Foxy & Winston.

Near our dining room, I’ve framed a selection of vintage French alphabet pages.

And in our living room, this Vintage French map of Asia, circa 1950.

Also in the living room, these Zid Zid elephants hold a collection of books on the mantle.

I keep my ipod in this Thomas Paul case.

And my current notebook and datebook come from our vast selection of Korean design products.

Is there a part of my life Essentials has yet to permeate? Um, not really.  (I’m wearing a t-shirt from the store right now, and eating a snack out of mug I got there a year ago.) I’ll spare you more photos for now. Suffice to say, we practice what we preach!

And keep your photos coming.

Can you put a fortune in these crayons?

The perfect thing for a belated Chinese New Year. From Ivy Lane Designs. (via)

I shot an arrow into the air

More Valentine’s craftiness for you, part of the Art From Everyday Objects challenge, courtesy of Evie S. and her matchstick art. (via)

Aren’t they so cute and tiny!? If you have older kids this could be a fun project to do with them. Then you can stick them in a frame or shadow box. OR, you can assemble a tiny bow and shoot candles aflame. Haha! Here’s how to do ‘em.

Step 1: Paint the stick with acrylic paint in the color you choose. Set aside to dry.
Step 2: Fold and cut out the paper shape used for the end of the arrow

Step 3: Cut the folded paper in tiny slices, creating fringe, unfold.
Step 4: Paint the tip of the arrow white or whatever other color you choose.

Step 5: Paint two thin black lines around the “point” of the arrow.
Step 6: Hot glue a tiny dab of glue to the paper, stick on the matchstick.

Repeat until you have a whole army of tiny arrows! Stay tuned, I’ve got several other great projects with matchsticks lined up.